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E-Portal Solutions

Manage the operations of your school, all in one place. EDUFENOL e-Portal takes care of your Student Registration, Academic Records, Financial Reports, Attendance, Staff (HR), Inventory, Timetable etc. And the good news is that you are billed per student. Hit the link now!

EDUFENOL is our brand of web-solution packaged for you to be in charge, save time, money and energy. It automates the many complexities of managing your students, staff, assets, inventory, vendors, accounts etc in your school business. It combines a web-based school portal, mobile apps and digital marketing to set you infinitely ahead and improve your corporate efficiency and economy.

You have more time to focus on building the business, family and personal life. The 70+ robust modules  cover students,  parents,  staff,  visitors,  assets,  inventory,  vendors,  suppliers, hostels, transport,  account ledger,  payment,  expenses, admission,  registration,  timetable,  online  tests, exams, results, leave, gallery etc.  Kindly view Demo Video of EDUFENOL School Portal.

We set it up free and instantly, storing your data securely in cloud. We can integrate it into your existing or new website and as well provide your personalized Mobile Apps to boost your global visibility, accessibility, etc. It is affordable and has flexible Payment etc. EDUFENOL is just a wrap up of everything you need. The very profitable decision to make. Decide for it now.

Kindly try out the Live DEMO for real time experience and to make most-informed decision.

·         Browse www.edufenol.com/mydemo and peruse the front end features

·         Click Sign In and use this login details Username: livedemo | Password: 123456